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   Welcome to my Website

I appreciate you taking time to look at my website and hope that you find both my paintings and the information provided, enjoyable and rewarding. I am always willing to talk about my work and can be contacted on or UK phone: 01704 566251
My main subjects are listed below and examples can be seen on the Gallery page and also on the Artist page. I use a variety of media and they listed below on the right hand side.

Featured Subjects

1.    Landscapes Paintings


The flat topography between the Ribble and Mersey Estuaries, where I live in Southport, provide a moody and contemplative vista. Long stretches of estuary sands melding into a distant sky make a challenging subject. The reflection and absorption of light by the wet and dry sand respectively, creates patterns and refracts colours underlining an area in constant flux.
Behind the coastal belt the flat wind carved moss which is criss-crossed by tracks and ditches and dotted with lonely farm houses also provides great subjects for paintings.


To me, townscapes are just an extension of landscape paintings. I also find the impact of light very important in townscapes. For instance, in Southport, a low winter sun drenching Lord Street in a yellow, afternoon light can create an exciting subject. Here the glass reflects the glow and pedestrians create long daggers of shadow.
Light effects on the iconoclastic forms of the Liverpool catherderals create a great backdrop to the street scenes of the city. Liverpool's hustle and bustle allows me to include figures which is another principle interest of mine.


The Leeds to Liverpool canal which wends its way across the Lancashire plain, behind Southport, where I live, allows me to bring together elements which I find interesting, such as water, people,landscape and boats. The shapes of the moored narrowboats with their bright colours make a natural focal point amongst the more muted colours of the landscape.
As well as barges, the many ships on the River Mersey also provide great painting subjects particularly when you can place them alongside the Liverpool or Birkenhead waterfronts.


When the flatness of the Mersey and Ribble Estuaries become too much I have the luxury of the Lake District being only a couple of hours away. If I go there I always take my painting or sketching materials and try to capture the tumbledown farms amid the glowering hills and glistening lakes.
Likewise, trips to France and Italy also give me a chance to paint very different landscapes. I particularly like the buildings in these countries with the conditions there affecting the way I paint.

2.    Figurative Painting


I find painting and drawing the human figure gives me invaluable practice for all my work.It also allows me to experiment with different media


As well as life drawing I also like to draw and paint portraits. Acrylic and pastel allow an energetic style. Losing control of a painting can be exhilerating, and hopefully you can recover. I find oils facilitates a more traditional approaches.

3.    Floral Painting

In the last few years I have been exploring floral painting. As with portraits ~I have found a particular medium, watercolour, suits the subject well. The happenstance of the medium brings interesting, even abstract results. I have found it a very good subject to experiment with the properties of watercolour.

4.    Abstraction

Again, in the last few years I have been exploring abstraction. A starting point can be the local landscape. I have also used abstraction to explore the medium of oils. Playing with paint can give interesting results, capturing natural forms and provide inspiration.

5.    Sculpture and Ceramics

With my ceramics and wood carving I find both the human form and its condition provide inspiration. As I do not possess a kiln, ceramics has given way to wood carving of late. I have also found that it is easier to create larger forms in wood. Wood, with its solidity, has an advantage over damp clay which can collapse before it gets into the kiln. However, knots and splits in the wood can be equally problematic.

   Art Gallery

On the right are examples of the work that may be seen in full on the Gallery page. All images have information attached.
If you would like to purchase an item, you will see that it starts with a reference such as wc02 or oil03, etc which can be used to locate it on the sales page against a fuller description of the item.

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The Fine Art Gallery

by Graham McQuade

Featured Media

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Watercolour Painting

Defined as painting using a pigment medium or the finished artwork. Pigments are held together by a gum arabic binder and released by water.
History of Watercolour

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Oil Painting

Oils have the pigment held together by an linseed oil based binder and are also thinned by turpentine or linseed oil or a mixture of both
Canvas or board are the normal supports
History of Oils

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Acrylic Painting

Acrylics are a fast drying paint, that are water soluble until dry.
They can be manipulated to give varying results between W/C and Oil paintings.
History of Acrylics

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Pastel Painting

Pastels are made in the form of a stick.
It is held together with a binder, leaving it like a chalk, which is rubbed onto paper to produce colour variations.
History of Pastels

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Sculpture is a three dimensional art form.
Stone, wood and ivory are the traditional materials used.
I focus on wood, particularly from fruit trees.
I also produce ceramic works based on the human figure.
History of Sculpture

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