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I started drawing around 1992 in order to occupy myself on holiday. With a young daughter wanting to spend her days on the beach, exploring rock pools and building sandcastles, I found that I had a little time on my hands.
Drawing and painting had always interested me, even at school. However, at that time it was science and mathematics which preoccupied me. I did opt to select art, but when told that the subject was over subscribed I had no hesitation in volunteering for woodwork instead.
So I left school with no qualifications in art and went on to read Chemistry at University. Whilst working in the Chemical industry I started to collect paintings and was particularly interested in watercolours. It was therefore natural that this beach hobby of drawing led me to paint in watercolours.


Eventually I realised that watercolour painting was not as easy as I had first imagined. This made me sign up for evening classes. In those days classes allowed students to pursue whatever media they liked and I slowly made progress in watercolour. However, after a year or so the government decided to only fund courses which led to a qualification. Now it meant that students had to flit between watercolour, pastels, acrylic, collage and any other media that the examiners chose. At this stage I was still struggling with watercolour. I could see that by taking on all these other challenges I would end up as a jack of all trades and barely competent in any. Initially I resisted the changes, but in the end decided that it was easier to leave the class.
I joined a local painting group, The Ainsdale and Birkdale Art Club which was a self financed group of artists who painted in any media they wanted. I was also fortunate to join a watercolour class run by Jeremy Ford, the Society for All Artists President, who taught locally in Southport. At last I was able to develop unhindered in watercolour.


I slowly developed my skills, helped by going off annually on week long courses with painters such as Ron Ranson, Jerry Pine, Andrew John, Joe Dowden and Alvaro Castaganet. By sticking with watercolours and being helped by such great exponents of the craft I started to enter my work for exhibitions and found people were even prepared to purchase some of it. Having achieved a level of confidence I now felt able to experiment in other media. Life drawing classes provided a great opportunity to play with acrylics, pastels charcoal and graphite.
I was Chairman of the Ainsdale and Birkdale Art club for thirteen years. I am now focussed on painting and occasionally demonstrate as well as running art classes on demand.


At the end of 2006, Kodak, the company I was working for, closed its factory in Liverpool. I took redundancy and decided to start a degree in Fine Art at the Liverpool School of Art which I completed in 2010. On this course I developed oil painting and drawing skills, particularly focussing on the landscape. In 2010 I became a founder member of an artist's collective which set up the R Gallery in London Road, Southport. This allowed the members to show their work in a space run by the collective. Unfortunately this Gallery has since closed, but working with other artists on this project was very stimulating and quite eye-opening.


My work presently is heavily influenced by the landscape around me. The shifting shoreline around the Mersey and Ribble Estuaries features in my painting. I am also drawn to the streets of Liverpool and the run-down charms of Southport. Other interests are the quiet scenes found on the Leeds-Liverpool Canal which wends its way over the Lancashire plain close to Southport. The narrowboats and barges make great subjects to paint. In the morning, crossing the Moss towards the canal there are evocative scenes, particularly in the autumn and winter months when the mists are slow to clear. I continually practise my life drawing skills as well as working in clay and wood. However, I still love watercolours. There is nothing like sitting painting on a warm, sunny morning with the French landscape, or any any other landscape, before you. The only time I draw the line is when the water starts to freeze on my palette, which it has once, painting in the Lake District.
Anyway, thank you for taking time to look at my paintings and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need any further information.
Below you will find a revolving gallery of   previously SOLD paintings. if you like a particular one have a look for similar style in the main gallery of paintings for sale or contact me and I may be able to replicate it for you.
Contact Graham McQuade if you need advice or require images.

The Fine Art Gallery

by Graham McQuade

Painting at the Liverpool School of Art


Red, Yellow, Blue are primary colours.
The complimentary is a mix of the other two primaries. Therefore Yellow's is Purple (Red+Blue), diluted to form shadows. Yellow's is ? Purple !!       purple
Red's is ?    Green !!          green
Blue's is ? Orange !!         orange
See the the shaded effect on each bar.
Try this site for colour   Colour schemes
Tones in painting are usually depicted as a series of grey squares.
Although colour can be used and indicates the amount of reflected light,
see examples below.
         grey tones
         tones using colour
Scales like this are useful in judging the tones in a scene to be painted.
Welcome to my gallery of previously  SOLD paintings. A better image can be obtained by right clicking over the image and selecting view image. All paintings be replicated as a commission. You can control the flow of both the words and the pictures/words by using your mouse to hover over or change the movement to left or right by moving mouse. ENJOY !!
Liverpool-Sunday_Morning_Little_Crosby-watercolour New_Lane_Bridge_Burscough-watercolour Swing_Bridge_at_Haskayne-watercolour Boats_on_the_Alt-watercolour Liverpool-Old_Buildings_at_Lunt-watercolour  Dubrovnic-watercolour  Rush_Hour_Bexhill-watercolour Canal_at_Lydiate-watercolour A_View_of_the_Lake_District-watercolour Halsall_Church_on_a_Winter's_Morning-watercolour Canals and narrowboats-Morning_on_the_Canal_2-watercolour. Canals and narrowboats-Morning_on_the_Canal-watercolour Liverpool-Garden_in_Lunt-watercolour Canals and narrowboats-Frosty_Morning_at_the_Ring_O'Bells-watercolour Canals_and_narrowboats-Saracen's_Head_at_Halsall-watercolour Canals_and_narrowboats-Bridge_by_the_Ship_Inn_at_Haskayne-watercolour Canals_and_narrowboats_Barges_Near_Haskayne-watercolour Liverpool-Bold_Street-watercolour Liverpool-Sefton_Church-watercolour.jpg Canals_and_narrowboats-Boats_at_Lathom-watercolour Canals_and_narrowboats_At_Burscough_Bridge-watercolour Canals_and_Narrowboats-At_Burscough-watercolour Landscape-Dawn_at_New_Cut_Lane_Halsall-watercolour Floral-Hollyhocks-watercolour sold25-Floral-Roses-watercolour.jpg Southport-Last_End_at_Victoria_Park-watercolour Landscape-Bend_in_the_River-watercolour Portraits-Dad_and_Carol-pastel Landscape-Achintrade_Towards_Skye-watercolour France-Road_to_Ventoux-watercolour Landscape-Halsall_From_the_Moss-watercolour Canals_and_Narrowboats-Night_Moorings_at_Downholland_Cross-watercolour Landscape-Flooded_Field_at_Haskayne-watercolour Floral-Flowers_for_You-watercolour Floral-Roses_2-watercolour Floral-Shasta_Daisies-watercolour Canals_and_Narrowboats-Moorings_at_Haskayne-watercolour sold38-Lake_District-Boats_on_Bassenthwaite-watercolour.jpg Formby-Bend_in_the_Alt-watercolour Landscape-Cottage_at_Downholland_Cross-watercolour Landscape-Welsh_Fishing_Village-watercolour France-Farmhouse_Near_Mount_Ventoux-watercolour Canals_and_Narrowboats-At_Scarisbrick-watercolour Southport-Lord_Street_4-watercolour Liverpool-Crows_at_Sefton_Church-watercolour Ceramics-Two_Minds Portraits-Lennon-pastels sold48-Southport-Lord_Street_1-watercolour Woodcarving-Solace Liverpool-Green_Light_on_Renshaw_Street-watercolour Landscape-Horizon-pastels Canals_and_Narrowboats-Waiting_at_Burscough-watercolour. Liverpool-Hope_Street-watercolour Southport-Lord_Street_2-watercolour Southport-Lord_Street_3-watercolour Marine-Early_Start-watercolour Southport-Hesketh_Park-watercolour Canals_and_Narrowboats-Early_Morning_at_Haskayne-watercolour Liverpool-Little_Crosby-watercolour Formby-Evening_at_Formby_Point-watercolour Canals_and_Narrowboats-At_Haskayne-watercolour Abstract-Beach_Changes_1-acrylic Italy-Venatian_Canal-acrylic Beach-After_the_Storm-watercolour Canals_and_Narrowboats-Burscough_swing_bridge-watercolour Canals_and_Narrowboats-At_Halsall-watercolour Floral-Orange_Lillies-watercolour Floral-Osteospermum-watercolour Lake_District-Borrowdale-acrylic Landscape-Evening_at_Clieve's_Hills-acrylic Landscape-Towards_Snape_Green-2-watercolour Landscape-Watching_the_Sunset-watercolour Marine-The_day_ahead-watercolour Southport-End_of_the_day_at_the_end_of_the_pier-watercolour Landscape-Illuminated_Hill-pastels Mersey_and_Ribble_Estuary-Formby_Patterns-acrylic Sold77-Marine-Early_Start_watercolour Sold78-Lake_District-Ambleside_Evening-watercolours Sold79-Landscape-Halsall_Moss-acrylic Sold80-Lake_District-Morning_at_Ambleside-watercolour Sold81-Canals_and_Narrowboats-At_Lydiate-watercolour Sold82-Floral-Helleborus-watercolour Sold83-Liverpool-Towards_the_Walker_Art_Gallery-watercolour Sold84-Southport-Early_Morning_at_Churchtown-watercolour Sold85-Southport-Lord_Street_6-watercolour Sold86-Liverpool-Evening_at_Little_Crosby-watercolour Sold87-Abstract-The_Upside_of_Down_1-oil Sold88-Liverpool-Heatherlea_Farm._Little_Crosby-watercolour sold089-Formby-Out_of_the_Woods-watercolour Sold90-Floral-Poppies-watercolour Sold91-Floral-The_Arrival_of_Spring-watercolour Sold92-Floral-Hellebores,_large_watercolour.jpg Sold93-Liverpool-Morning_on_the_Alt_Estuary.jpg Sold94-Southport-Wesley_Street.jpg sold95-France-Waiting_for_a_Friend_in_Collioure.jpg sold96-Floral-Clematis_in_the-Sun.jpg Sold97-Southport-Winter's_Morning_in_Birkdale.jpg sold98-Southport-An_Autumn's_Morning_in_Ainsdale's_Woods.jpg sold99-Canals_and_ Narrowboats-Morning_at_Scarisbrick.jpg Floral-Spring_Comes_Flooding_In Sold101-Wildlife-The_Family_Investigates.jpg sold102-Abstract-The_Upside_of_Down_2.jpg sold103-Liverpool-Early_Evening_on_Hope_Street.jpg sold104-Abstract-The_Upside_of_Down_3 sold105-Liverpool-The_Mersey_From_the_Albert_Dock sold106-Evening_Trees_at_Parbold_Hill sold107-Formby_in_Autumn_Sunshine Sold108-Southport-Morning,_New_Cut_Lane_1 sold109-Southport-Morning,_New_Cut_Lane_2 sold110-Figurative-Mark sold111-Figurative-Petrova_in_Pink sold112-Figurative-Girl_With_Red_Hair_2 sold113-Southport-Lord_Street_7 sold114-Figurative-Phil1 sold115-Figurative-Phil2 sold116-Figurative-Phil3 sold117-Formby-View_to_Formby_Beach sold118-Cafe_Scenes-Afternoon_in_Bryant_Park_New_York_City sold119-Soya sold120-Beach-The_Path_to_the_Beach sold121-Mersey_and_Ribble_Estuary- Birkdale Beach at Dusk sold122-Townscape-Lunchtime_in_Bryant_Park,_New_York sold123-Lake_District-Morning,_Waterhead,_Windermere sold124-Halsall Moorings sold125-Liverpool-St_Mary's_Church_Little_Crosby sold126-Fraserburgh_Beach sold127-Southport-Bargain_Hunters_on_Lord_Street sold128-Southport-Farm_Yard,_Segars_Lane sold129-Irises_in_the_Sun sold130-Ormskirk-The_Cottages_on_Cut_Lane sold131-sold131-Fisherman's_Path_3-watercolour sold132-After_the_Storm-watercolour sold133-Early_morning_at_Formby_Golf_Club-watercolour sold134-Lake_District_Cottage_in_Cartmell-watercolour sold135-Southport_Hallsall_Moss_Morning-watercolour sold136-Townscape-Durham_Cathedral_from_Owengate-watercolour sold137-Wildlife-Psst...Want_to_Buy_Some_Krill-watercolour sold138-Formby-Fisherman's_Path-watercolour sold139-Southport-St_Peter's_Church-watercolour sold140-Marine-Wave-watercolour sold141-Liverpool-A_Wet_Day_in_Liverpool_1-watercolour sold142-Liverpool-Lime_Street-watercolour sold143-Marine-A_Good_Time_to_Leave- watercolour sold144-Canals_and_Narrowboats-At_Lathom-watercolour sold145-Canals_and_Narrowboats-Canal_at_Lathom-watercolour