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Description of available Frames

Watercolour and some pastel paintings can be purchased with or without frames. The frames are plain, round moulded wood, either ash or pine (depending which wood my framer can source). Framed paintings come with a double mount with ivory on the outside and gold on the inner portion. (see examples on the left) All have standard glass. Samples of framed paintings are shown to the left.
The first is a half imperial painting. The size of the framed item is approximately 67 by 50cms
The second is a standard quarter imperial painting. The size of the frame is approximately 54 by 45 cms.
The third is a the long format quarter imperial painting. The size of the frame is approximately 67 by 31cms.
All these sizes are approximate as the frames are handmade and therefore variations occur.
All items are priced with or without frames and include Postage and Packing in the U.K. If you are outside the U.K, please e-mail me before buying and I will obtain a shipping cost.

If you have returned here after a purchase- THANK YOU and hope you enjoy your purchase.

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The Fine Art Gallery

by Graham McQuade

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Frames1 approx. 67*50 all in centimetres
frames1-67*50 approx.
Frames2 approx. 54*45
frames1-54*45 approx.
Frames3 approx.67*31
frames3-67*31 approx.
Just a few reminders

Only Watercolours and some Pastels have the choice of framed or Unframed.
In the case of sculptures, please enquire via e-mail about likely
Carriage and Packaging costs in U.K. only